The Cimicky Story

The Barossa Valley

Nestled just an hour away from Adelaide, Barossa Valley stands as a testament to Australia’s rich winemaking history, showcasing a lineage of grape growing and winemaking families stretching back seven generations. We are the custodians of Australia’s most iconic varietal style – the Barossa Shiraz – and home to some of the country’s most premium and sought-after wines.

But Barossa is not just about Shiraz. With over 40 different grape varieties cultivated in our fertile soils, each wine we produce is a unique expression of the grower, the winemaker, and the terroir. We are also the proud home of Riesling, our hero white variety, which thrives in the Eden Valley region.

In addition to our diverse array of wines, we invite you to explore our vibrant scene of craft cider, boutique breweries, and gin distilleries. Whether you’re interested in masterclasses, workshops, or simply tasting our award-winning craft beverages, there’s a new discovery to be made with every visit.

We take great pride in our deep-rooted history, with some of our wineries tracing their origins back to the early pioneers of the 1900s. One such gem is the Cimicky Winery producing wines of very high quality to this day. Their commitment to quality has seen their wines featured on Buckingham Palace menus and enjoyed all over the world.

Our passion lies not just in crafting exceptional beverages, but in sharing them with you. At Barossa, you’ll find over 90 cellar doors ready to welcome you with open arms, offering experiences infused with our characteristic wit and charm. We take our wines seriously, but never ourselves.

So, whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or a first-time visitor to South Australia, we invite you to experience the unparalleled richness of Barossa. Discover the taste of tradition, innovation, and pure Australian spirit with us.

History of Cimicky Wines

The Cimicky Estate has been built on land with a history that dates back to the early 1900’s. The twin titled land used for fruit growing and possibly Dairy Farming under the name of LYNDOCH FARMER and also HUNDRED of BAROSSA, with esteemed owners such as Percival Norman Burge and Leslie Norman Ward.

The land was first purchased by Karl Cimicky in the early 1970’s. Karl vision for the land was to establish a world renowned Barossan winery. Charles Cimicky, after having learned the trade took over the business from his father and subsequently changed the name from KARLSBERG WINES to K. CIMICKY and SON and later to CHARLES CIMICKY.

Charles and his wife Jennie set about building an estate house next to the winery and shortly after lived their lives in Barossa while Charles lived out his passion for premium quality wines and gardening.

In 1995 the Cimicky Estate Sauvignon Blanc Vintage 1994 was chosen to be served at Buckingham Palace for the 50th anniversary of the end of WWII. Paired with ‘Clarisse de Ouffs Princess’ Quail Egg Salad.

Charles reputation for producing premium quality wines became renowned as did the awards and trophies.

Cimicky Wines: Hidden Treasure of Barossa Valley

Steeped in history and tradition, Cimicky Wines is a jewel of Australia’s renowned Barossa Valley.  Cimicky’s lineage ties back to the earliest days of Australian winemaking.

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